REVIEW: The Pasea Huntington Beach – A Pacific Coast Getaway

Lets start by saying that I can almost give this place a 100% recommendation.  It’s almost there, but like my experience at the Seattle Thompson, everything is in place, except for excellent staff.  At first glance, everything about this hotel makes me want to recommend it.  The lobby and public spaces are gorgeous.  The pool is large, with plenty of seating, and faces the Ocean.  The restaurant downstairs, Tanners, is a stunning establishment with a cherry-wood burning fire in the kitchen, and dishes worthy of a Michelin mention.


The lobby is graced by enormous windows and a tall ceiling, beautiful furniture, and the instant feel of a coastal vacation

The Pool is gorgeous, and located directly facing the Ocean, making it feel somewhat like a Miami-esque hotel. Not a bad thing!

The rooms have unique touches, like free water, complimentary bottles of wine in the suites, and guitars tuned and ready for your plucking pleasure.  You can tell thought went into the decor.  It’s timeless, yet modern, clean, and fits in perfectly with the vibe of Surfer-centric Huntington Beach.  Location is also superb, with the new Pacific City mall next door.  There’s a cool co-op space in the Pacific City Mall with eclectic choices for food and drink.


The bathrooms are some of the nicest i’ve seen…

Where the hotel falls behind its facade, however, is in service.  The Concierge was barely helpful (and I happened to meet two of them), and seemed flustered.  This is one of my first tests of a hotel, asking what should be the equivalent of a well-versed local (the concierge), what to do, where to eat, or what to see.  If they cannot respond with answers appropriate to the season, the guest’s preference, or provide a gamut of variety in their suggestions, then they are not a top-notch concierge.  I also find that the quality of the concierge most often matches with that of the quality of the other staff.  The hotel is new (As of December 2016), and it it showing some teething problems.  I do expect, however, that over time there will be a level of quality that hopefully reaches that of some of the larger luxury chains.

Great Restaurant, check. Great Pool, check.


  • Stunning property
  • Great Location
  • Amazing restaurant on property (Tanners)


  • Concierge and staff are still a bit new and unpolished


  • This hotel is one of the cheapest in the area.  It’s a great steal if you want to be near Newport Beach but want something more modern, hip, and fun


  • Definitely set some time aside to hang out in the mall next door.  There’s a variety of restaurants and bars worth your time.

REVIEW: The Best Hotel in Copenhagen – the Nimb

So you wanna go to Copenhagen and you’re looking for the perfect place to call home for a few days?  Look no further than the NIMB hotel.  Denmark is ostensibly the happiest country in the world (Google “Happiest country on Earth”), and to top that off – the Nimb Hotel is located at the entrance of Tivoli Gardens – which is one of the happiest places in Copenhagen.  Combine the two and you get a winning combo.

Why they chose to build this as a Moorish Mansion i’m not quite sure – but it’s pretty awesome nonetheless

There’s not that many choices in Copenhagen, especially if you want something luxurious and want to stay in a centralized location.  With those two parameters in place you have the Nimb Hotel, and the Hotel D’Angleterre.  When you enter the Nimb, you do so from the street side, and the hotel is unassuming.  It’s a small lobby with some oversized lanterns and decor you would most likely see in someone’s countryside Mansion.  However, with 17 suites in total, that’s exactly what you’re getting at the Nimb.

That’s the lobby. Small and cute – not unlike the hotel itself

The service is impeccable, everyone speaks perfect English, the front desk receptionist has excellent advice, and it’s all very personable.  They recognize each guest, and everytime you enter and exit you give the front desk your key (no electronic keycards here!).  Think of it as a very fancy full service B&B.  The rooms are large, have beautiful wood flooring, Bang & Olufsen equipment throughout, and my favorite feature – heated floors in the bathrooms!

Any room with a fireplace is great in my book!

The rooms themselves also have fireplaces and so should you choose to use them, the front desk will send an employee to come open the flue and light it up for you.  I highly advise visiting Copenhagen in the winter time – and though it’s a city that is great year round, the holidays seem to have an extra abundance of Christmas spirit.  There’s a saying in Denmark which is called Hygge (it’s the warm fuzzy feeling you get from good friends, winter sweaters, and a cup of hot chocolate), and there is nothing more Hygge than being at the Nimb with a glass of Glogg, sitting in front of the upper lobby fireplace, overlooking Tivoli Gardens.

Grab a seat, grab a drink, and have some great conversation with friends new and old in the upper lobby bar – overlooking Tivoli Gardens


  • Location is amazing – its across from the main train station which has direct access to the airport, and it has direct access to Tivoli Gardens
  • Great personalized service with 17 rooms and suites, personable and highly knowledgable staff members
  • Everything about the property screams high quality and makes you feel like you’re in a bed & breakfast with all the amenities of a full service hotel


  • This is really nitpicking – but there’s no late night room service


  • If you ask the front desk, they will supply you with free tickets to Tivoli Gardens which is attached to the Nimb.  They’re free and in the winter it’s the largest Christmas market in town (and possibly in the world).  It’s dare I say – magical.


  • If there was one thing that really stood out to me in Copenhagen it was the cuisine.  This place is a foodie paradise, the seafood is incredibly fresh and served in some really unique methods.  Take advantage of this and check out all that the city has to offer (food wise).

REVIEW: The Andaz West Hollywood – Your spot on the Sunset Strip

I’ve stayed at nearly every hotel on Sunset strip, and most of them are pretty unique in their own way.  The Andaz West Hollywood stands out for being the most modern and updated of the properties on the strip, and whenever someone asks for a recommendation for something modern this is where I send them.

The view from Sunset Strip (Your ad on side of building may vary)

The lobby is clean and small, with an open check-in concept that Andaz is known for.  This means that there is no large check-in front-desk with employees standing at the ready.  Instead, there’s a few laptops on some unassuming desks located next to refreshments and couches.  The feel that this is supposed to connote is one of casualness and modernity.  It does the job.

The minimalist lobby, notice the check-in "stands" in the distance
The minimalist lobby, notice the check-in “stands” in the distance

The hotel itself is a smaller property, but that’s because the Andaz believes that this property is all about the location around it and they don’t expect you to spend a lot of time within the hotel.  There is a restaurant on the side of the lobby, which is beautiful, but rather expensive.  It’s not a bad place to grab a bite, but I would recommend checking out everything else that Los Angeles has to offer – it IS the foodie capital of the US.

The lobby restaurant is gorgeous AND expensive
The lobby restaurant is gorgeous AND expensive

The reason you come to this hotel, though is because the service is good, the rooms have beautiful floor to ceiling windows with breathtaking views, and there’s a very cool rooftop pool with expansive views of the surrounding Hollywood Hills, Downtown LA, and sometimes when there’s not so much smog – views all the way to the Pacific.

The rooftop pool where you'll want to spend a lot of time
The rooftop pool where you’ll want to spend a lot of time

Floor to ceiling windows unveil the beautiful view from the high-up Andaz which is already on the high-up Sunset strip area
Floor to ceiling windows unveil the beautiful view from the high-up Andaz which is already on the high-up Sunset strip area


  • One of the only modern hotels on Sunset strip
  • The views from the rooms and rooftop pool are pretty fantastic
  • Walking distance to everything in the area (and there’s a lot)


  • There’s not a lot to the hotel itself, it’s a small property


  • This is a place you want to stay at during the summer months or when it’s hot in LA, because otherwise the rooftop pool and lounge is otherwise pretty useless


  • This is Sunset strip, which means you are within walking distance to some pretty legendary bars and restaurants.  Check out the lounge at Chateau Marmont, it’s cheeky and hip and always “in”.
  • Walk over to the Rock & Reilly’s bar if you want a cool place to have a drink and watch a game.  This bar also has an incredible selection of whiskeys (Go figure – it’s an Irish pub)

REVIEW: The W Scottsdale Hotel

So I already wrote about one of my favorite hotel’s in Scottsdale (you can read about it here), but the W is probably my second favorite and depending on my mood it sometimes comes in #1 as well (Variety and all that jazz).

Probably the #1 reason why I like the W in Scottsdale – its pool – and let’s not forget, it’s always hot in Scottsdale so this is of prime importance.

So you’re probably wondering, how does it compare to the Valley Ho?  Well, they’re two different spots.  The Valley Ho is very much a boutique hotel with all the associated qualities, there’s less of a corporate feel, some cheeky elements and details, and a property that feels much more tailored to an off-the-beaten-path experience.  The W, however, does much of this in the traditional W manner – which is to say, corporate but still with some passion and uniqueness.

The rooms are probably the second best part of this hotel (after its very cool elevated rooftop pool area).  They are clean, modern, large, and have great views of the surrounding area.

Clean, warm, modern, and luxurious. It matches the desert vibe quite well

Lastly, I can’t help but mention that the lobby and public spaces are spot on (albeit a bit small) for a W.  The fireplace and little cubby areas throughout the lobby make for great spots to hideaway and have a drink and some great conversation – just what hotel lobbies were meant for.


  • Great pool, like really great – lots of space, lots of chairs, and lots of fun
  • Even though it’s not the newest hotel it’s still got a modernity and class to it


  • Not necessarily a con, but across town there exists a pretty good hotel called the Valley Ho, you’ll just have to pick your poison


  • You have to check out the SPG points + cash options on this one, because it’s an expensive hotel in general and you can save a lot of money with the cash + points booking options


  • Take a golf cart ride with one of the local carts that roams around downtown Scottsdale, and have them give you a tour.  It’s a cool little town with some pretty unique dive bars, restaurants, and art galleries and the best way to get a lay of the land is to have a golf-cart tour!

REVIEW: The Hotel Del Coronado

The Hotel Del Coronado is a hotel that holds a special place in my heart.  Having grown up in Southern California, my family spent many summers down in San Diego, and one of the go-to spots that we would always visit was the Hotel Del Coronado.  It was always the family tradition to spend some time on the beach in front of the Hotel Del and to grab one of their juicy burgers while watching the sun set over the Pacific.

However, it was NEVER a family tradition to stay at the Hotel Del Coronado.  Why? Because the rooms were either in the old “Victorian” tower and old and stuffy, or they were in the “newer” tower which was just not quite as nice as the Loews Coronado Resort.

Everything else about the property was exquisite – the public spaces had an old school elegance, the elevator harkens back to the 1800’s with manual controls, and the ballroom is a sight to behold by itself, but we never chose to actually stay in the rooms at the Hotel Del.

This changed recently, because as of 2014, a major renovation was completed at the Hotel Del Coronado.  The rooms in both towers have received significant changes, and the public spaces have been refreshed, with special care taken to preserve the national treasure that the hotel actually is (it’s a historic site – and yes, some swear it’s haunted ;).

One of the renovated rooms at the Hotel Del Coronado – I can now highly recommend it!

The Thanksgiving dinner at the ballroom is exquisite and HIGHLY recommended

The best part of the Hotel Del Coronado is that it embodies the beachy California vacation vibe that so many try to replicate but very few actually achieve.  It also has so much history to it that it’s practically a given that should a president or governmental figure visit San Diego they stay at the Hotel Del Coronado.

Service is also incredible at the Hotel Del, but it’s much better if you choose to stay in the Victorian historic side of the hotel, this is something I highly recommend doing – especially post-renovation.

If you do visit the Hotel Del, be sure to visit the underground gallery and marvel at the history of the place – it’s all setup in a mini-museum type setting.  All in all, I am happy to now be able to recommend the Hotel Del Coronado as a prime property that everyone should stay at if they visit Coronado island.

Get your burgers at the pool and just marvel at the great weather and the historic beauty of the Del


  • Location wise, the Hotel Del Coronado is the best place to be on Coronado Island, the nearest competition is the Loews and it’s located in a more rural area down the peninsula
  • The hotel has so much character, it’s not just another cookie cutter resort


  • The service could be slightly better, it’s not bad by any means but it doesn’t necessarily reach the levels of smaller Ritz properties or the Mandarin Oriental’s standards
  • The pool is a bit small and has very little seating


  • Try brunch at the ballroom, its better food than the rest of the restaurants, and the environment is stunning


  • Rent a surrey (four person bike) and just ride around Coronado island.  It’s a great way to spend the day and enjoy the beauty of the island, the greenery of the golf course on Coronado, and to check out all the little shops around the peninsula

REVIEW: Montage Laguna Beach


The Montage is one of those hotels I’ve grouped into “wedding hotels” of Laguna Beach – alongside the The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel and the The Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point.  They’re all relatively close to each other, within a few miles, and they all have very similar features – grand entrances and public spaces, large pools with lots of chairs to lay out in, wedding-ready venues within the properties, and very similarly styled rooms that won’t offend anyone.

These aren’t the types of hotels i’d normally recommend when traveling – because I feel that there are so many different options out there to spend your money at and my personal preferences skew towards the unique.  However, between the three I would recommend the Montage or the Ritz.  Why you ask? The Montage and Ritz both have a bit more character than the Monarch Beach.  They feel like they have a bit more soul and offer something slightly different than the standard large beachside resort.  That being said, you really can’t go wrong with any one of these hotels.

My favorite part of the Montage is the restaurant there – The Studio

The best part of the Montage Laguna Beach is the separate standing restaurant the Studio.  It’s got incredible fare and the view during sunset is outstanding, if you stay at the Montage (or if you’re around the Montage Laguna) I highly recommend visiting the Studio.



  • Grounds are incredibly beautiful, and the restaurant “The Studio” is a great place to check out
  • Location is superb, within walking distance of Laguna Beach shops
  • Service is impeccable, on par with the Ritz in Laguna and slightly better than the Monarch Beach


  • The decor, although classic, is slightly bland
  • The pool area and cabanas can be pretty crowded on weekends when the hotel is full


  • Ask for a room further away from the lobby in order to gain more privacy.  The hotel has some more secluded wings which are great for a romantic getaway


  • Who doesn’t like ice cream?  Or its Italian brethren – Gelato?  One of my favorite spots down the street from the Montage is Gelato Paradiso.  Take a walk, grab some ice cream, and enjoy the quaintness that is Laguna Beach

REVIEW: The Setai Miami

The Setai is quite a fancy place – this area outside of the main lobby is where they regularly hold bikini shows during swim week in Miami

This hotel was one of my first forays into luxury travel shortly after I made my first monies (I can’t say money – I swear).  Consequently, it holds a dear place in my heart, and I have been back many times since the hotel was first opened back in 2004.  It’s gone through quite a few owners and phases since, and I can’t say that it’s as great as it was back in 2004-2007 but it is still an amazing property and still ranks at the top of my list for quality of service and luxuriousness.

The first thing you notice when you enter the Setai is the very unique decor.  This is because the builders were Indonesian and imported most of the materials from Southeast Asia, opting for teak from that region and exotic manta ray skins and handmade items imported specifically for the hotel from Indo, Philippines, and Malaysia.

The result is stunning, with a sexy Asian elegance that you won’t find in many US based hotels other than a few select Mandarin Orientals (like the one in Vegas).

There are two distinct areas to the hotel, the standard hotel room side with its own lobby, and the suite towers which have their own entrance and smaller lobby.

The pool is also one of my favorite aspects of this hotel, with three pools each at a different temperature so that you can roam from one to the other based on your whim.

Three pools each with their own temperature

I highly recommend checking out the suite towers when you book, although they are not reasonably priced by a long shot, they’re worthy of special occasions, and the corner units with their floor to ceiling glass walls and the height of the building (it’s one of the tallest in South Beach) makes for spectacular views that you won’t find anywhere else on Collins Ave.

The Asian theme is throughout, the rooms are relatively small by suite standards but the glass makes you forget about the size

Before the Fontainebleau was rebuilt, and the Soho Beach House was established this was always my first choice, but since those two have come into existence I only choose the Setai if there’s a great deal to be had.

The service is bar-none though, and the concierge service is exquisite.  However, since the changes in ownership some of the previous amenities have been deleted, including complimentary service in a fleet of Range Rover’s and Rolls-Royces.


  • You can’t beat the views here, it’s one of the tallest buildings on South Beach
  • The pools are spectacular, and if you want to relax in South Beach it really doesn’t get better than this.


  • The price is pretty high even for a luxury hotel
  • The service is not as good as it used to be, and they have deleted many amenities


  • Try out the Passion Fruit Martini, it’s one of my favorite drinks ever, and i’m not into sweet drinks normally.  It has a nice spicy kick to it!
  • If you are trying to get a great rate, google “Setai Miami Rentals”.  The condo units owned here often have great rental rates, especially off-season

Order the Passion-Fruit Chili Martini (or two)


  • I’ve mentioned some of these in my other post from South Beach here

REVIEW: Rosewood London (It’s pretty awesome)

This hotel is one that makes an immediate impression on you the minute you walk through the double gates.

The movie-esque entrance with gates manned by attendants in British Peacoats leads you to a courtyard complete with British house cars – Jaguars, Land Rovers, Aston Martin’s.  This is one hotel that takes elegance and sophistication to a completely different level.

Once you enter the hotel the first thing you notice are all the custom interior finishes.  Every surface in the hotel is unique and exquisitely finished lending itself to the uniqueness of this hotel.

Rosewood London
The entrance is pretty awesome

The rooms, although quite small (not too far off from every other room in London), are finished with small touches such as leather boxes for electric plugs and room service menus, and even laundry bags made of terrycloth.  Every little detail in the Rosewood has been scrutinized and refined – and is completely different from what you’d find anywhere else.  The only other place i’ve stayed that gave off a similar impression to the Rosewood is the SOHO House hotel.

Small things like custom pearl finishes on the shower fixtures are what make this hotel exceptionally unique

The service, is of course, impeccable.  I used the concierge service quite frequently and they knew everything from local hours of every single establishment I asked about, to recommending what route I should take back to Gatwick Airport.

The bar at this hotel is also quite a happening place, with evening lounge music served up by a singer/pianist (of course they play Elton John – this is England!).  The drinks are superb, and the mixologists working at the bar at a mile a minute are fun to watch.  The food is also superb and I highly recommend eating breakfast within the hotel one day.

My favorite part of the Rosewood, however, is Pearl.  Pearl is the house Golden Retriever, and quite possibly the most quintessentially impressive part of this hotel.  After hundreds of stays at different places, I have yet to come across a hotel with a house pet.  The idea of it was so unique that it caught me off guard but made me smile every time I walked by Pearl and her bed right in the back of the lobby. Being a dog person, I thought it just gave that extra feeling of “special” to this unique establishment.

Impeccably finished rooms make you forget how small they are


  • Its got a house pet!
  • The food is exquisite
  • Finishes are some of the most impressive i’ve seen at a hotel


  • Slightly smaller rooms


  • Be sure to visit Scarfes Bar in the lobby, it’s got great drinks and a cool lounge vibe
  • Try to stay through a Sunday, where they do a Sunday farmers market in the courtyard


  • I would definitely visit the original Hakkasan London, especially if you’re vegetarian
  • Champagne and Fromage is a thing in London, and it’s totally worth checking out Champagne + Fromage

REVIEW: The Nines in Portland

FullSizeRender 7The Nines in Portland is an interesting property.  It was recently remodeled, and has a lot to offer in terms of location and contemporary style, but what detracted me from giving it a full recommendation are the smallish rooms and mediocre bathrooms.

Located centrally in downtown Portland – the Nines is the hip luxury hotel in the SPG group.  It’s got a very cool farm to table restaurant, a very comfy lobby that I could spend hours in, and really great service from the staff.

The rooms are small, but luxuriously appointed – however they do need a little more love and upkeep

I did get a chance to visit some other high end hotels in Portland, and I will say, if you’re visiting the city – you should still stick with the Nines.  It’s got the combination of style and luxury – even if it’s getting a bit long in the tooth, but location is very important in a city where you can walk to most places, and the service goes a long way.

The coolest part of this hotel is the greenhouse above the entire lobby – It gives what little natural light there is in Portland a chance at illuminating the interior of the building

Translucent pink curtains?  It’s gotta be hip…


  • It’s trendy, contemporary, and I like the interior decor of this place
  • The service is great – they’re attentive and quick at handling issues


  • Rooms are small and could use some upgrades


  • The bar in the lobby has an incredible selection of dark liquors


  • If you love Nike, I HIGHLY recommend getting some coupons off of Craiglist and checking out the factory store, there’s lots of great savings to be had there!
  • Walk around downtown and just wander – there’s lots of cool little nooks and crannies around, this is a town where you can just casually meander around without a plan and have a great time doing it

REVIEW: The Roosevelt – A Hollywood Staple

img_0080 (1)

The Roosevelt – I have been to this hotel many times, because it’s the center of Hollywood when it comes to hotels.  Drop by this place any random weekend and there’s an event happening, the pool is packed with fun-loving people, and the bars are flowing.

Located on Hollywood Blvd where the stars line the sidewalk and where movie premiers happen (across the street), you could not choose a better location if what you wanted to experience is what Hollywood has to offer.

This hotel is especially unique because of its storied history.  It, and the Chateau Marmont, are two of the most fabled establishments in Hollywoodland.  That saying “if the walls could talk” would result in quite a dialogue at this property.

The service is decent, but not quite 5-star, but that’s not why you visit the Roosevelt.  You visit the Roosevelt because you want to be part of the “scene” and you want the hip, cool, always in fashion experience of being there.

Hollywood Blvd, where stars are literally made (on the sidewalk)

One of the best things about this hotel is that if you’re staying there, there’s always something to do.  There’s a bowling alley within a bar upstairs, there’s a very cool lounge in the lobby where celebrities do their thing, there’s always a pool party happening at Tropicana Bar, and if that’s still not enough for you, just step out the front doors and watch yourself end up on Hollywood Blvd.

Did I mention that In-n-Out Burgers, the fabled California burger franchise, is also less than two blocks away?

If you are looking for a great time, have some youth in you, and want to experience Los Angeles via the Hollywood route – there really is no better place than the Roosevelt.

The rooms are constantly being remodeled – partying hard causes lots of wear and tear, but they do a good job of keeping it clean and fresh

The Tropicana Pool is THE place to hangout.  Sure there have been cooler spots, but no place has held its own for so many years


  • Location doesnt get better than this for Hollywood
  • There’s lots to do within the hotel
  • It’s got a lot of history, and a very cool vibe about it


  • If you’re looking for ultimate luxury, look elsewhere
  • The rooms see a lot of use, so it can sometimes be hit or miss as to whether your room will be remodeled or touched-up


  • The best rooms are the ones near the pool at the pool level.  Also if you book through Magellan they will give you a discount every time and usually a free room upgrade.  Highly recommend going through them!



  • Definitely check out In-n-Out burger if you’ve never been.  This is quintessential for a California (or LA) visit
  • I highly recommend visiting Sugarfish Sushi.  There’s lots of great sushi in Los Angeles, but you CANNOT beat the price to quality ratio here.  I’ve been to $500/head places like Urasawa which are great but Sugarfish gives them a run for their money



REVIEW: The Le Meridien Barcelona


This hotel is a little gem in the middle of Las Ramblas.  Le Meridien’s are often overlooked by travelers in lieu of larger name chain hotels, but they usually provide the boutique service and luxury that you would expect to find at something comparably higher in price.

I chose this hotel for an extended stay in Barcelona, which resulted in me actually calling this place my home for a bit of time in late Fall a few years back.  It is set in a very centralized part of Barcelona – right in the middle of Las Ramblas, which is essentially the main street in the city.  This made for extremely easy access to shops, restaurants, bars, cafe’s, and pretty much everything else you could ask for when roaming and getting lost in Spain’s best city metropolis (Madrid just isn’t Barcelona if you ask me).

The lobby was a great place to have an afternoon cocktail, and the rooms were modernly appointed and clean with great attentive staff.  Although the property has over 200 rooms it felt much more like a boutique hotel where they knew your name and service was remarkably quick everytime I needed something brought to my room.

Modern rooms here felt cozy, sophisticated, and noticeably well insulated, making for some very restful nights in the city 

The hotel really embodies something which I find to be an epitome of European cities that have been around for centuries but have since grown up with the times, beautiful old world exteriors – but with modern luxurious interiors.  This is the city of Gaudi after all, and interior decor and character and soul should be present at any hotel worth its price of admission.  I felt as if Miro inspired some of the furnishings, colors, and overall decor of this place.

Modern bathrooms with granite, wood, and clean lines made this place feel like it had more character than your average luxury hotel

Of course, the best part of this hotel is and always will be its location.  I don’t think Le Meridien will ever let go of this property.  I highly recommend it if you’re visiting Barcelona.

Barcelona is all about lounging, and this lobby was built specifically for that purpose.  Kudos to SPG & Le Meridien!


  • Great lobby to socialize in and hang out during nighttime hours
  • Rooms were modern but with lots of character and warmth
  • Staff was very attentive for what is a relatively large hotel
  • The location couldn’t be any better for walking to lots of great destinations


  • There are certainly many newer choices and I haven’t reviewed some other top hotels in Barcelona but this one is a solid choice


  • Eat breakfast here at the restaurant downstairs, it’s magnificent


  • I’m biased, but I think everyone should visit the Miro museum while in Barcelona

REVIEW: The Four Seasons in Seattle


Seattle is one of those destinations that everyone should visit once in their lives.  It’s a unique combination of city and forest, set amongst dozens of lakes and rivers and bisected by the very large Lake Washington.  In the summer when the weather is great there’s almost no better place to be.  The high latitudes allow for long summer days and warm summer nights.

For a very long time though, the city had a serious shortage of accommodations – and especially luxury accommodations.  If you wanted to stay at a 5 star resort, you had to look to the Eastside – not Seattle downtown proper.  This all changed when the Four Seasons came in with new construction right at the waterfront of downtown Seattle.

This is a smaller hotel but with luxury condominiums available for purchasers.  It’s got the feel of a boutique hotel but with all the luxuries that you would expect from a company such as the Four Seasons.

The rooms themselves are relatively plain and very Pacific Northwest with light woods and simplistic clean lines throughout.

Just a regular old room – nothin to see here

They are comfortable and materials are high quality but a bit lacking in depth and character.


What the rooms lack in effort though the hotel more than makes up for in its rooftop patio and pool.  I love Seattle in the summer and the rooftop pool with its amazing vista over the waterfront is the perfect place to sit and relax for hours with a beer in hand.

The rooftop pool, I swear they’re needed in Seattle

So next time someone says Seattle is always raining remind them that they are referring to Portland or San Francisco, and that the rooftop at the Four Seasons is where you will be spending your summers.


  • The rooftop pool
  • The rooftop pool
  • Oh, it’s a Four Seasons – so the service is always impeccable


  • The rooms are luxuriously appointed but sort of boring
  • There’s no grand lobby to hang out in


  • As previously mentioned, the rooftop pool – which many people overlook because it’s Seattle and they just assume its bad weather and no one would put an outdoor pool on the roof of a hotel


  • There’s a variety of restaurants up in South Lake Union (they’re constantly in flux), but check out the area and have a nice dinner during sunset – it’s relaxing and fun to watch the seaplanes flying in and out of Lake Union