FullSizeRender-4So this is the very first entry of my blog.  I’ve been lucky enough to travel and experience 35 countries over the last 10 years, and have stayed at some exquisite properties over that same period.  After 10 years, however, I have decided to start traveling with a purpose in mind – to travel to every Ritz Carlton in the world in as short of a period of time as my finances and work allow.  Along the way i’ll inevitably have to stay at hotels that aren’t the Ritz, but that won’t stop me from writing about my experiences at these other properties.

This blog will be equal parts rants, boisterous excitement, and informationally relevant travel advice.

So why the Ritz?  I have many fascinations, with one of them cornering on being a vice – I love to stay at NICE HOTELS.  Now you’re probably saying, doesn’t everyone like a nice hotel?  And I respond, NO, some people are perfectly fine with whatever is available at a decent price in a decent neighborhood.  There are many that would argue that travel is not about what is at the hotel, but what is around it, and that spending money at an expensive property is a waste because you’re in it for such a short period of time.

My personal opinion, though, is that the hotel sets the foundation for the trip.  It truly is your home away from home, and for many it is nicer than their home back home, it offers a chance for one to escape to a luxury and a lifestyle while abroad, and affords pleasures that some would not otherwise be capable of sustaining on a continuous basis back home.  A great property sets the mood for a “vacation” and the atmosphere and hospitality of a 5-star property can be the underlying bass-line of a great trip.  Not to mention that the best hotel’s always have the best concierge’s who will always know the hottest spots and be well connected in a new city.  There’s nothing more satisfying to me than exploring somewhere new and knowing I get to come back to a nice bed, great service, often a fantastic view, and a refreshing (substitute your favorite drink).

My goal in this endeavor is to share my travel experiences with you, the reader(s) – (hopefully there’s more than one reader).  Sure there’s Yelp, Tripadvisor, and a myriad of other hotel review sites, but hopefully through this blog I can influence some travelers and help others make some well-informed decisions.

My posts will focus mostly on Ritz-Carlton’s but sometimes I’ll share another hotel experience – because not everywhere has a Ritz!  I’ll be writing about the property itself, the hospitality staff that runs it, the secret little things you shouldn’t miss while there, and of course some ancillary notes about the travel destinations themselves.  I’ll try not to dwell too much upon the destinations except to extoll some virtues which I wasn’t able to find elsewhere on the million or so other travel sites/blogs/reddits/etc.

As a legal disclaimer, the views and opinions expressed in this blog in its entirety are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect or represent those of Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Marriott Group, its partners, affiliates, et al.


Here we go!!



  1. I just found your blog through Instagram and I love it! I get a lot of flack from my husband for insisting on the best hotels when my family and I travel but you’re so right that it is the foundation for a good trip.

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