Look at that beautiful batter job, not too thick, not too thin, crispy and textured for just the right bite!

London is one of the metropolitan melting pots in the world, and in my opinion, the European version of New York City.  With its cobblestone lined streets and modern skyline, it is a mixture of old and new.  Having survived 2000 years, it is a resilient and beautiful city with enough history and culture to woo even the most picky of travelers.  There are definitely far more than three things to do in London, but when I visit, these are the three that I try to do time and again.


  1. Have a drink at the Shard at Sunset: There’s a few restaurants and bars in the Shard, which is Western Europe’s tallest building, but my favorite is Gong, which on the 52nd floor – offers better views than the other establishments in the same tower.  My favorite time to come is during sunset, and it’s the perfect place to have a cocktail and relax.  It almost feels as if you are on your own cloud above the city – the view is that expansive.  This place does fill up, so I recommend making reservations ahead of time.
    Highly recommend coming up here!!


  2. Have a Proper Afternoon Tea at Claridges in Mayfair: There really is only ONE place to have a proper afternoon English tea time without the touristy nonsense, and it’s at Claridges.  This place has a 150 year tradition of serving the best tea in England, with a tea-melier who travels the globe procuring the best leaves from all corners of the globe.  You can make reservations up to 90 days in advance, and be sure to dress up because this place takes their dress code very seriously!
    This is a serious place, with some serious tea.


  3. Grab Fish & Chips at my favorite spot: Ok, so all three of these things involve food or drink.  Sorry for adding to your waistline here!  London is home to some of the best fish & chips (and mushy peas) the world has ever known.  You can’t visit this city without having some, and my favorite place to do it is a simple hole in the wall spot – Poppies Fish & Chips in Spitalfields is a place with 1950’s memorabilia (sort of like the English version of Johnny Rockets), and some of the best fish & chips i’ve had anywhere.  They’re over 70 years old, so they know what they’re doing and the beer battered sole here is so good it’ll fill your stomach and your soul.  Trust me.
    Look at that beautiful batter job, not too thick, not too thin, crispy and textured for just the right bite!