You know when your mom told you it wasn’t what’s on the outside that counts? Well that’s wrong for empanadas.

So you’re in Buenos Aires, and you are obviously overwhelmed by this city so full of life and passion, food and wine, and don’t know where to start.  Well after spending a week here (which was not enough btw), I would like to suggest a few things which stood out to me and which I believe every traveller to BA needs to check out:


  1. Steak & Wine: This is a pairing that is made in heaven (and if you’re vegan/vegetarian/pescetarian substitute fish or veggies for the red meat but don’t skip the wine).  South America has regions renowned for their grapes and Argentina is especially known for its Malbecs. With its inky dark colors, and heavy tannin flavoring, Malbecs are perfect for rich foods, and for ridiculously low prices I had some of the best wines (comparable to the best that Napa Valley has to offer) down here in Buenos Aires.  You’re selling yourself short if you don’t try out a wine tour or a nice steakhouse down here, I recommend Don Julio for steaks (they’re cooked over a wood fire to perfection), and “Wine Tasting Buenos Aires” for your wine tours.  You can’t go wrong with that pairing 😉
    Wine is everywhere in Argentina. Don’t miss out on it!


  2. Go to Uruguay: So this might seem a bit odd, you’re in Buenos Aires and I’ve told you to visit Uruguay.  Well, its only a short 1 hour fairy ride away, and worth a day trip.  This was one of the coolest things I did when I was in Buenos Aires.  It’s so close, and its another country with its own feel.  There’s cobblestone streets, quaint little restaurants, and you can rent a golf car to putt putt around town in.  You won’t be short of things to do if you come here and the exchange rate is even better than that of Argentina, and you can use the same currency here.  I particularly liked having lunch at Charco Bistro which is located inside the Charco Hotel.
    The food was superb, the view was phenomenal, and the wine..well I forgot about that 🙂


  3. Eat Lots of Empanadas: Argentinians LOVE their Empanadas here, and for good reason, they’re exquisite.  They come in all shapes/sizes/flavors (check the chart below for reference).  Just like other parts of the world where there’s a common cuisine and everyone has an opinion on which establishment serves the best version of it, you won’t get a single answer if you were to ask the locals which place serves the best empanada, but i’d recommend you start at these places: Punto y Banca, El Sanjuanino, 1810 Cocina Regional, and Gourmet.
    You know when your mom told you it wasn’t what’s on the outside that counts? Well that’s wrong for empanadas.