Why they chose to build this as a Moorish Mansion i’m not quite sure – but it’s pretty awesome nonetheless

So you wanna go to Copenhagen and you’re looking for the perfect place to call home for a few days?  Look no further than the NIMB hotel.  Denmark is ostensibly the happiest country in the world (Google “Happiest country on Earth”), and to top that off – the Nimb Hotel is located at the entrance of Tivoli Gardens – which is one of the happiest places in Copenhagen.  Combine the two and you get a winning combo.

Why they chose to build this as a Moorish Mansion i’m not quite sure – but it’s pretty awesome nonetheless

There’s not that many choices in Copenhagen, especially if you want something luxurious and want to stay in a centralized location.  With those two parameters in place you have the Nimb Hotel, and the Hotel D’Angleterre.  When you enter the Nimb, you do so from the street side, and the hotel is unassuming.  It’s a small lobby with some oversized lanterns and decor you would most likely see in someone’s countryside Mansion.  However, with 17 suites in total, that’s exactly what you’re getting at the Nimb.

That’s the lobby. Small and cute – not unlike the hotel itself

The service is impeccable, everyone speaks perfect English, the front desk receptionist has excellent advice, and it’s all very personable.  They recognize each guest, and everytime you enter and exit you give the front desk your key (no electronic keycards here!).  Think of it as a very fancy full service B&B.  The rooms are large, have beautiful wood flooring, Bang & Olufsen equipment throughout, and my favorite feature – heated floors in the bathrooms!

Any room with a fireplace is great in my book!

The rooms themselves also have fireplaces and so should you choose to use them, the front desk will send an employee to come open the flue and light it up for you.  I highly advise visiting Copenhagen in the winter time – and though it’s a city that is great year round, the holidays seem to have an extra abundance of Christmas spirit.  There’s a saying in Denmark which is called Hygge (it’s the warm fuzzy feeling you get from good friends, winter sweaters, and a cup of hot chocolate), and there is nothing more Hygge than being at the Nimb with a glass of Glogg, sitting in front of the upper lobby fireplace, overlooking Tivoli Gardens.

Grab a seat, grab a drink, and have some great conversation with friends new and old in the upper lobby bar – overlooking Tivoli Gardens


  • Location is amazing – its across from the main train station which has direct access to the airport, and it has direct access to Tivoli Gardens
  • Great personalized service with 17 rooms and suites, personable and highly knowledgable staff members
  • Everything about the property screams high quality and makes you feel like you’re in a bed & breakfast with all the amenities of a full service hotel


  • This is really nitpicking – but there’s no late night room service


  • If you ask the front desk, they will supply you with free tickets to Tivoli Gardens which is attached to the Nimb.  They’re free and in the winter it’s the largest Christmas market in town (and possibly in the world).  It’s dare I say – magical.


  • If there was one thing that really stood out to me in Copenhagen it was the cuisine.  This place is a foodie paradise, the seafood is incredibly fresh and served in some really unique methods.  Take advantage of this and check out all that the city has to offer (food wise).