That’s the exterior, and yes, it is VERY tall

Ok, so saying that a hotel is the best in the world is sort of like saying “Pizza is the best food in the world”.  However, if there was a list of top properties this one would definitely make the cut.

The first part that we’ll have to get out of the way, is that the Ritz in HK is indeed the tallest hotel in the world, occupying the 102nd to the 108th floor of the ICC building on the Kowloon side of the city.  As such, the views you get are completely superior to almost any other building or establishment in the city of Hong Kong.  Combine this with the fact that the hotel is on the Kowloon side, and you end up seeing the gorgeous Hong Kong side skyline (which is world famous and rightfully so).

That’s the exterior, and yes, it is VERY tall
The harbor views from the rooms are all incredible thinks to the height of the building.

To get to the hotel, you start with an elevator ride from the lobby.  Staff are there to assist you and it’s rare that you even have to push the “up” button for the elevator banks.  When the Ritz says that they’re a full service hotel, they really mean it here.  Once you’re up in the main lobby you have the option of going up to the rooftop bar, or taking a separate bank of elevators to your room.

The rooms themselves are incredibly well put together, with impeccably beautiful furniture, and small luxurious touches such as ipods with custom playlists pre-loaded for the guests.  These are the things that make a hotel experience that much better, and really show off the attentiveness of a property.

The main lobby is actually on the 103rd floor, and is a grand affair

I should mention that there are some incredible restaurants in the main lobby.  The staff calls it the “360 degrees” of dining.  This is because there’s multiple restaurants on all sides of the 102nd floor, including TWO 2-Michelin star restaurants, a caviar bar, and an incredible breakfast/lunch/dinner buffet restaurant.  I had the pleasure of dining at Tin Lung Heen which I highly recommend trying out – it’s elevated Cantonese cuisine.  Cafe 103 serves daily buffets for all three meals, and frankly speaking – it’s one of the best buffets i’ve been to – where they don’t cut corners just to give you more variety.  Between all the restaurants, the pool and hottub on the top story, and the Ozone bar also on the rooftop of the property, you can more or less stay in the hotel all day and not have to leave.

And that is where I have to admit – that this property was so nice that at times it made me not want to leave.  Don’t get me wrong, Hong Kong is such an incredible city, full of vibrant life, cuisine, and culture.  However, you know you’re staying at a near perfect property when you make excuses to stay just a little bit longer.

If you’re staying in Hong Kong there are a LOT of luxurious hotel choices, but you’d be making a mistake if you didn’t spend at least one of your nights at the Ritz-Carlton.



Hard Product:

-Location (How close is this to top attractions in the surrounding area?) 

Mong Kok is nearby, but if you want to go to Hong Kong side it’s only a short cab or MTA ride away


-Cleanliness (Is the grout in the bathroom clean?  How good is maid service here?)

When the maid service noticed I had left the “busy” sign up but thought I was out of the room, they went as far as emailing me to ask if I needed service


-Upkeep (Is the hotel in need of a remodel, or is it being constantly kept up?)

Still a relatively new property, it is being kept in tip top shape


-Public Spaces (How unique/inventive/useful are the public spaces?)

Stunning property, with the added advantage of being so high up that the views are incredible from every public space available, including the club lounge, the pool, and all of the restaurants



Soft Product:

-Service (How good is the service here?)

From in-room check in to personalized greetings for every guest, this Ritz-Carlton is being run like a VERY tight ship


-Restaurants On-Site (Are the restaurants on site somewhere even the locals would go to?)

It’s tough competition in Hong Kong, but the restaurants on site left almost nothing wanting.  Only 1 point deducted for the price


-Concierge (Specifically, how effective is the Concierge at helping you with a new locale?)

Other than some minor language gaps, the concierge service was accommodating and extremely helpful.  They planned my short trip in Hong Kong perfectly.


TOTAL: 67/70

(35/70 is average)



  • The views are absolutely breathtaking
  • The restaurants at the establishment cannot be beat
  • The service is top notch and impeccable


  • This is really nitpicking, but it does take two elevators to get to your room – however they make it as seamless as possible, and come on – you’re in the tallest hotel in the world!


  • Do take the time to make a reservation ahead of time for the restaurants on property as they get booked up VERY quickly


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