Not your average mall. I guarantee it.

So you are spanning the globe, either to the African continent, or from Asia to Europe, or somewhere else in the Middle East.  Whatever it is, you probably have a stopover in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, and you should extend your stay for a little bit if you haven’t checked out these desert locales.  The best way to describe the UAE is a mecca of modernity that rises out of what seems like extraterrestrial conditions.  Here are the spots I recommend you check out while you’re in Dubai:

  1. The Sheikh Zayad Mosque: Singlehandedly one of the most beautiful architectural sights i’ve ever witnessed, this is probably on the same level as the Taj Mahal.  Built to be the most incredible mosque in the world, I think the builders reached their goal.  Gorgeous and stunning from every angle, you could stay here for a few hours and still be mesmerized.  This is a must see.
    In all its gloriousness, 180 degrees of beauty


  2. The Dubai Mall & Fountains: I usually shy away from places I can find elsewhere when i’m traveling, and the malls usually fall into this category, especially if they don’t carry goods only found locally (this is tough nowadays with the internet and easy shipping).  However, the Dubai Mall is a very cool place, with water fountain shows every hour, and an indoor aquarium that looks like a who’s who of sea creatures.  It’s worth visiting this place for these two spots alone.
    Not your average mall. I guarantee it.


  3. Hang out at Jumeirah BeachThe Burj Al Arab is here, the sail looking hotel, but what I found more interesting was just spending some time at the beach.  The gulf waters are warm and saltier than most other oceans, and the sand is incredibly nice.  It’s a unique experience being at the beach in the middle of a desert, and something that is quite different from spending beach time on a tropical island per se.  For that fact alone, I think it’s worth checking out Jumeirah Beach.
    It’s not the prettiest beach, but its unique. You’re in the middle of the desert, but you’re also at the beach. Think about that.