How can you not want to get lost in this? (Rhetorical)

The walled city of Cartagena is one of the most stunning historic UNESCO cities i’ve visited.  It has its own culture and flair and the colorful alleyways and constant buzz make this city always comes to the top of my list when i’m asked where I would recommend to go in the world.  This is where you should stay if you’re visiting, and you might not ever want to leave.  Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You can have some of the best Ceviche in the world: La Cevicheria is home to what Anthony Bourdain calls some of the best Ceviche he’s had.  Now, I would say it’s pretty damn good, but I would also say you can get some pretty incredible ceviche in Panama as well.  However, what makes this place one of my favorites is their hot sauce that they make and bottle themselves!  Anyone that knows me knows i’m a hot sauce aficionado, and the combination of fresh seafood and some spicy sauce makes me about as happy as a kid on Christmas.  Check this place out when you’re here.
    Eat here. I beg of you.


  2. You can get lost, and enjoy it too: The streets are meandering here, the street signs are hard to see, and for the most part, there’s no way to figure out from a faraway waypoint where you are.  But this is all ok here in Cartagena.  Much like other older cities around the world (Marrakech in Morroco, The Old City in Barcelona, Casco Viejo in Panama) you tend to walk down a meandering road and not know where you’re going, but there’s something fun and interesting happening around every corner here and you won’t ever get bored or actually feel lost.  The walls are colorful, there’s a million smells, and this is a place where time slows down and you can enjoy just getting lost.
    How can you not want to get lost in this? (Rhetorical)
  3. You can Enjoy Sunsets with a Cocktail in the Streets: Everyone loves this, the romantical gesture of having a cocktail on a patio on the street, watching the locals stroll by.  You can’t beat Cartagena if this is one of your favorite leisurely activities.  I would check out Demente, El Baron, and Donde Fidel.
    It might be 85 at night, but it’s perfect for a drink and some people watching