The all famous Seattle Waterfront market

I’ve been to Seattle quite a few times, being that I used to own a small wine & beer company in said town.  Even so, whenever I come back to visit old friends, I always end up going to the same places because they’re so unique to this city.  Here they are listed below:

  1. Waterfront Market: Home to a few things, the first Starbucks, the fish market, and one of my favorite clam chowder spots in the US – Pikes Place Chowder.  I mostly go here just for a leisurely stroll, coffee in hand, and people watch.  It’s beautiful, owing to the fact that the waterfront is sloped and as you walk towards the market you have incredible views of Elliotts Bay just beyond.
    The all famous Seattle Waterfront market


  2. Spend some time at South Lake Union: This area of town has grown considerably since I lived in Seattle, but it still retains its relaxed atmosphere and feel.  The Lake itself is enormously huge, and seaplanes are constantly departing and arriving from it.  It’s a beautiful place to either picnic, stroll around leisurely, or have a nice meal on the waterfront.  It’s also close to the Space Needle, which is worth seeing but only on a clear day (for the views of course).
    It’s beautiful isn’t it? South Lake Union is yet another place to kill a few hours relaxing with a beer and picnicking


  3. Definitely Eat Seafood: You have to check out the seafood offerings in Seattle.  Being a town in the Pacific Northwest, it has access to some of the best fresh oysters and salmon you will find anywhere in the US.  My favorite is Elliotts where they serve Oysters during a progressive happy hour from 3PM on.  One of my first meals in Seattle is usually spent at Elliotts.  That should tell you something.
    Elliotts is the place to go for fresh seafood and a great view.


  4. If you love coffee the Starbucks Reserve: Even if you don’t it’s worth visiting the Starbucks Reserve.  This is one of the most awesome coffee institutions in the world, even if you’re a snob.  It’s a massive warehouse-turned-coffee-mecca where they roast the coffee in front of you in beautiful 2 story copper roasters and serve caffeinated concoctions that can only be found at this location.  The other Starbucks at the waterfront might be the first one, but this is BY FAR the best coffee shop i’ve seen the world over.  You HAVE to visit this spot if you’re ever in Seattle and even mildly appreciate coffee.
    This is THE coffee mecca

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